What to SEE in Tirana for Free

Things to DO in Tirana for Free

Tirana is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. There are many historical landmarks and things to do in Tirana.


Scanderbeg Square is free to see in Tirana

Visiting the Scanderbeg Square is one of the most beautiful things to do in Tirana. Located in the heart of Tirana from where you can see 2 of the most important Landmarks of Tirana. On the square is located the Scanderbeg Monument, which is the National Albanian Hero Gjergj Kastrioti and his horse. The monument is part of the heart of Tirana for more than 50 years ago. The square has got its name from the monument.

The square is made up of a side with Tiles that come from every corner of Albania and in them, it’s engraved the city or town it comes from. On the other side, there is the part that is greenish with trees and a small pedestrian walk for you to enjoy. Moreover, trees surround the square.

Free things to see in Tirana

The Clock Tower of Tirana

Et’hem Bey who built the mosque built also the clock tower, and since then it represents Tirana’s history. Built in 1822 the clock tower belongs to the city hall and the mosque.

Free things to see in Tirana

Reja Tirana or otherwise the cloud

Sou Fujimoto is the architect who built this cloud-like monument. It turned into a selfie spot immediately. An open-air cinema is held there in the summer. Located near the pedestrian walk Reja is an amazing spot to sit and chat.

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The Pedestrian Walk and Justinian Fortress

Located near the Toptani shopping center is a great thing to see and to do in Tirana. There you can take a walk towards Tirana Castle which is located in the heart of the Pedestrian Walk. The Fortress of Justinian (Tirana Castle) dates back to the Byzantine era. The fortress has 3 towers, inside the castle, there are many coffee shops and restaurants for you to enjoy.

Free things to see in tirana

The Friendship Monument

What else to do in Tirana? Many people do not know this one is the friendship monument, located just nearby the mosque Et’hem Bey this attraction is a must to see. With a combination of Color Circles (white, green, black and red). The monument is built to honor the friendship between Albania and Kuwait. Meanwhile, you can sit there and wait for your friends that might be late.

The Grand Park of Tirana

Or as Albanians call it the Artificial lake park, it is located in the southern part of Tirana. It is the greenest area reached by foot in Tirana. There you can admire the lake, breathe fresh air and walk around to explore the corners of it. You can also rent a bike to ride alongside the banks of the lake. Cultural events are held in this part of the city, the children can play, there are restaurants and coffee shops nearby. There is something for everyone.

Free things to see in tirana

The Pyramid of Tirana

The state opened the pyramid in 1988 as the Museum of Enver Hoxha who died three years earlier. Enver Hoxha was the dictator of Albania. His daughter and her husband designed the structure of the pyramid. After that, the state used the pyramid as a conference center and later on as a fair center. Since 2001 Albanian televisions use a part of the pyramid and the other part of the pyramid is abandoned. With the new political events in Albania, the pyramid was in danger of being demolished but people were against it and signed a petition where it was decided it will not be demolished but refurbished.

Free things to see in Tirana

Enver Hoxha’s former residence and Blloku

The Block is a famous expensive area in Tirana where the house of Enver Hoxha is located. The area is called the Block because during the communist years only the Elite people lived there. Nowadays it is an area where are situated the most famous clubs, restaurants and coffee shops. If you ever wonder about what to do in Tirana, Visit Blloku.

Free things to see in Tirana

The New Bazaar of Tirana

The city hall recently renovated the New Bazaar. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tirana. There you can find almost everything. The beautiful patterns and colors of the buildings will be an amazing view to you as a foreigner but to locals also. The many restaurants and shops there will leave you amazed, as it might a cheap way to eat in Tirana.

Free things to see in Tirana

The Mosaic of Tirana

The mosaic was part of a Roman house since year 3 AD. The architecture is simple. Moreover, you can see things from centuries ago. Located in Rr. Mihal Ciko in the 21st December Neighborhood.

Free things to see in Tirana

Tanners Bridge

Tanners Bridge is a cultural monument located near the Blv Jean D’Arc. Built in the 18th- 19th century this bridge is an amazing attraction.

Free things to see in Tirana

Mother Teresa Square

This square is one of the most popular places during the summer in Tirana. There are many concerts and events that take part in this place.

Free things to see in Tirana

Visit Vila Shijaku

Just not far from the center of Tirana, you can find an old villa that belongs to an Albanian painter. This villa is a representation of a traditional Albanian house. You can see the detailed furnishing, the paintings of Sali Shijaku are everywhere around the house. He has portrayed the figure of the Albanian woman and man in a perfect way. Outside the villa is situated an old communist tunnel that is not so well kept but has artifacts from the war and the old times.

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The entrance fee is 200ALL

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