Kruja is one of the most important cities of Albania. It is primarily famous for being the hometown of George Kastriot Skanderbeg, the greatest Albanian hero of all time. Located just one hour from the capital city Tirana, you can easily visit it just for a day. Here are some tips for making the most of your time in Kruja, Albania.

Drink Turkish coffee in the Morning

Start your day in Kruja with a traditional Turkish coffee at Hotel Panorama, a majestic hotel located at the entrance to the town’s old bazaar. Relax while you drink the hot and tasty beverage and prepare yourself to visit this ancient town.

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Visit the Ethnographic Museum of Kruja, Albania

The museum is in a lovely old house built in 1764 which belonged to one of the wealthy families living in the castle. It is set in a walled courtyard with two gateways. It is a typical Ottoman style house with storage rooms on the ground floor and with the living quarters above. Most of the items are original.  On the porch is a quern (traditional equipment for making leather). One of the rooms contains a forge. Another has small water driven mill to grind flour. There is also a display to make the traditional felt hats worn by Albanian men as well as a machine for washing the felt. Another room contains a large oil crush operated by donkey power, and a press to extract the oil.

The doorways are low so people have to bow to enter or leave the room, thus showing respect. There are display cases on the landing area with wedding clothes of both bride and groom. The men’s room has a fireplace and examples of weapons and musical instruments are hanging on the walls. Above the doorway is a gallery where the women could sit and see if the men wanted anything to eat or drink. As marriages were arranged this was often the first view a girl would have of her future husband. As well as being used for cooking, grandparents would often sleep on low mattresses near the fire.

Recall History at Skanderbeg Museum

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Enver Hoxha’s daughter and her husband designed this museum, nestling it inside the castle complex was opened in 1982. Its spacious seven-level interior displays replicas of armor and paintings depicting Skanderbeg’s battle against the Ottomans.

Buy Something at the Bazaar

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This Ottoman-style bazaar was restored in 2015 and now looks better than ever. It is one of the country’s best places for souvenir shopping and has antique gems and high quality traditional wares, including beautifully embroidered tablecloths, copper coffee pots and plates. The bazaar itself runs through a tangle of streets, but a good place to start exploring is along Pazari Vjeter.

Explore the Castle

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In these days Kruja, Albania’s once important castle is just an impressive ruin. Within its crumbling walls there are Albanian flag sellers, pizza restaurants and an array of interesting sights. It’s a fun place to poke about and plenty of locals make their way up to the castle to catch the sunset.

Breathe some Fresh Air at National Park of Qafshtama

The National Park of Qafshtama comprises an area of 2,000 hectares. The road that leads to the entrance of the park goes through the narrow Vaja Canyon, about 600-700 meters deep, formed by the Droja River. Legend tells that after the occupation of Kruja, Albania by the Turks, ninety young virgins from the town threw themselves down to the bottom of the canyon in order not to fall into the Turks hands. Qafë Shtama Park consists of pine forests, which, when paired with great general climate conditions, make for great hiking. In the Qafë Shtama Park you can also find the Burimi i Nënës Mbretëreshë (Queen Mother’s Spring), from which clear water, noted for its health-promoting properties, flows. Qafë-Shtama is suitable for nature tourism including hiking, camping, and more.

Where to stay in Kruja

Hotel Panorama Kruja

The hotel is centrally located in the town, providing quick and convenient access to nearby attractions such as the beautiful pedestrian mall with souvenir shops, tourist items, and the citadel and walls in the antiquities of the town’s top. Some rooms and public balconies offer beautiful views of the town and its surroundings.

Rooms Emiliano

Is located inside the Castle of Kruja just 20 meters far from the old tower and near the National Museum Gjergj Kastrioti Scanderbeg. The view from their rooms is really nice. Rooms Emiliano is convenient for all ages and also pets are allowed. They also can offer you a traditional restaurant with dishes that are typically for Kruja.

Mervin Hotel

Mervin Hotel is located in the center of Kruja, about 20 minutes away from Tirana International Airport “Mother Teresa”, 50 minutes away from the port of Durrës, and about 40 minutes from the center of Tirana. It is the perfect destination for tourists, short business trips, and family, always making sure to provide the 4-star service from a qualified team of professionals.

On the top floor of the hotel is the lounge where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city, the mountain, and the castle

The hotel features rooms with a modern interior that come with free Wi-Fi, a wardrobe, climate control, and a minibar for a pleasant stay in Kruja.

The hotel enjoys a panoramic view of the city.

Where to eat in Kruja

KROI Restaurant

A beautiful restaurant and a bar-cafe, near the castle of Kruja. It has an amazing panorama where you can see the city and even the Adriatic sea. A perfect place to have a coffee or to have lunch/dinner. They organize weddings, celebrations, and birthdays. Good staff and excellent traditional food.

Bar Restorant Alba

The staff is very kind and helpful and they guide you in good choices for your dinner. With interesting architecture in wood and stone, situated in the charming historic city, very close to the castle, Alba, is your ideal resort if you decide to visit Kruja. Tradicional cuisine and Italian dishes, lamb roasted on a spit, the carrier gums, and wood oven pizzas with numerous outdoor facilities for recreation will also make your stay more pleasant.

Restorant Bardhi

The restaurant is located within the walls of a beautiful fortress with a lovely view. The interior is very spacious, cozy, with a beautiful fireplace and decorations that make you feel right at home. Moreover, its food is truly delicious! Portions are large, food is simple and delicious and freshly baked. Service provided by the staff is friendly and professional, tho not all speak reasonable English.