Albania Hiking tours help you explore Albania’s amazing mountainous landscape.

Not known that much for many years as a hiking destination, Albania is a true hiker paradise to be discovered.

About 70 % of the country’s territory is mountainous which makes Albania a perfect hiking destination.

In the recent years International organisations have helped immensely especially in creating flagship travel product which would appeal to hikers across the world.

Mega trails such as Via Dinarica which stretches from Slovenia all the way to Macedonia have put Albania on the international traveller’s hiking map.

Another regional trail which was created by GIZ Germany aimed at creating another hiking trail which focuses on the border zones of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

A third hiking trail developed as well by GIZ Germany is the Mysterious South Hiking Trail which stretches along the Albanian riviera mostly through the Ionian Coastline.

And lastly the recent development of another cross regional hiking trail called High Scardus Hiking Trail which connects the mountains of Kosovo – Macedonia and Albania.

In this article, we are going to show you only some of our best hiking tours. But feel free to write us about your idea of a hiking tour in Albania.

We would like to help you create a memorable experience as you explore the best of what Albania and the neighbouring countries have to offer.

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Hiking Tours in Northern Albania

Albania Hiking Tours combines walking with cultural discovery. In this way, you can experience the best of Albania’s nature and culture. Albania Hiking Tours will immerse you in the local traditions of Albania’s highlands as we walk through the National Parks of Valbona and Theth. The walks are of moderate difficulty so the tour is great for many travelers. We will also get the chance to visit the town of Prizren in Kosovo. Another highlight is the UNESCO city of Berat which dates from the 4th century BC. Albanians know Berat as the city of ‘Thousand Windows’ because if it’s a distinctive Ottoman architectural style.

Albania Hiking Tours

Trekking the Hidden Trails of Albania

 This includes 8 Day Albania hiking tours. In Albania Trekking Tour we follow some of the least explored trails of the Northern Albanian Alps. It is a great tour for experienced travelers who would enjoy the beauty of Alpine Pastures. Even though we provide blankets and mattresses in the huts, you might feel more comfortable bringing your sleeping bag.

When the group arrives in Albania they will be welcomed by our tour leader and transferred to Rubik. In Rubik, we will be accommodated in the Marubi eco-hotel. Depending on the time we can make a 2-hour walk to the nearby village or we can go and enjoy the spectacular view of the 12 century-old Rubik Church.

Hiking tours  Albania

Walking Albania National Parks Tour

This is a 9-day hiking tour of Albania. Join Albania Hiking Tours in the National Parks and enjoy the best of Albania’s natural beauty. Explore the Theth, Valbona national parks, as well as the Gashi River Reserve. Also, this 9-day tour will take you through the historic towns of Prizren, Berat, Durrës, Kruja, and Tirana.

The group will be welcomed by the Albanian travel agency representatives at the airport in Tirana. Next, we transfer from the airport to the hotel in Tirana. In the afternoon we will visit Tirana’s highlights, including Scanderbeg square, Et’hem Bey mosque, Toptan Castle, and the Pyramid.

During this day you will discover the best of Tirana, and head from Tirana to Theth. Along the way, we will stop in Shkodër to visit the Castle of Rozafa and the renovated center. When we arrive in Theth, we will take a short break then walk through the village for around 3 hours. On our walk, we will see the historic “Tower of Isolation” and the Franciscan church.

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Albania & Kosovo Hiking and Climbing Tours

Albania Hiking Tours combined with Kosovo, will take you through some of the most breathtaking landscapes of these two countries. You will hike their highest mountains, take a ferry ride along beautiful Koman Lake, and zip-line over the Rugova River. In conclusion, you will end each day’s adventure by meeting the locals. Also enjoying the wonderful food they have to offer.

Two countries, one culture. Albania is located by the shore of the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea. Meanwhile, Kosovo is located by the Albanian border. Both countries have outstanding beauty. The proud high and glorious mountains offer an insight into the tradition of these countries.

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Peaks of the Balkans Walking Tour

The Peaks of Balkans tour explores the beauty of the Albanian Alps, the lushness of the Belegu, Decani and Bogicevica pastures in Kosovo and Montenegro, and everything in between.

We will begin with a guided walk in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

This day tour of Tirana offers you a different insight into the capital of Albania. Tirana is a city full of energy and adventure.

The more time you spend walking the streets of the city, the more experiences you will stumble upon.

Then, we will take a boat tour of Koman Lake. In the lake are built 3 hydroelectric power plants, which produce about 70 % of Albania’s electric needs.

Bradt Guides consider it “One of the world’s great boat trips”.

From the quaint village of Tropoje, we follow the shepherd’s trails up to Sylbice Alpine Huts. There you feel like you are truly among the stars.

In the next few days, we will explore the alpine pastures of Kosovo and Montenegro, before a return to Albania.

The mountain-ridge walks between the Valbona Valley and Theth Valley epitomize the Peaks of the Balkans tour.

There, at the altitude of 1815 m, you can see the panorama of both valleys before you. Both peaks are considered the miracle of the Alps.

This is going to be a spectacular journey for you.

Albania hiking tours

Via Dinarica Guided Tour

The beauty of the Albanian Alps will amaze you. You will be walking, hiking, and trekking in some of the most beautiful parts of Via Dinarica. 6 days exploring and getting to know the trails of Albania and Montenegro. You will see the most amazing national parks, you will visit the Lock-in Tower in Theth which is an important landmark.

Moreover, your luggage from one place to the other will be transported by horse (so make sure to have a soft bag with all the important things). You will visit different parts of the Montenegrin Mountains and you will enjoy these 5 days to the fullest.

Depending on your travel time you will have the chance to explore some history of Albania too. This tour is for the ones who love adventure and discovering untraveled paths. And these two countries offer that. The hiking is moderate and the views from these paths are outstanding and out of this world.

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