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Located in southern Albania Saranda, is a cozy coastal town in Albania, only 20 minutes away by boat from Corfu, Greece. Saranda is a great base to explore the beaches nearby such as Pulebardhat, Pasqyrat, Manastiri beaches, etc., or going to Ksamil beaches and Butrint (UNESCO World Heritage Site) if you have a car or also if you take a taxi or use the public transport. There is the small castle of Lekursi that offers a spectacular view. Or the monastery of Saint George that is very well conserved and restored. Saranda is connected with cruisers that come from all across the world and Corfu (the Greek city in front of Saranda), throughout the summertime is mostly full of tourists for its weather, cuisine, and harmony. Spring and autumn are the best months to visit as the city slows down and the prices are lower. Just on the corner outside Saranda, you will find the Blue Eye. This is a scenic area located about 30-40 minutes from Saranda by car. It is a natural source of water which gushes up from an underground aqueduct in an almost magical blue/green color. The water is absolutely crystal clear. Look for the entrance sign to the left when you arrive.<br /> Syri I Kalter (The Blue Eye) is thus known because the color of the water and its bubbling movement gives the illusion of an eye.<br /> The source is said to be 45 meters deep, but some claim that it is deeper than that. To get to Syri I Kalter, either rent a car, take a taxi, or go on a guided tour.<br /> Saranda, with its amazing beaches, is one of the most beautiful seaside cities in Albania. Read on for an insider scoop on the best beaches, as well as some other attractions, in Saranda.
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