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Ohrid Day Tours will show you the city in the southwestern part of Macedonia, on the northeast coast of Ohrid Lake. In terms of the traffic, it is connected to roads leading to Skopje, Bitola, Debar, and Republic of Albania. Ohrid is a town of wide history and heritage, it was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1980. Still, to be hit by huge waves of tourism, Ohrid is a vacationer’s paradise, with glimmering beaches, panoramic views, and a wealth of Mediterranean and Turkish food – all available on a budget. It lies on the edge of clear Lake Ohrid, with a mysterious old neighborhood that cascades down steep streets, dotted with attractive churches and covered by the bones of a medieval castle. Popular restaurants and lakeside cafes liven up the cobblestone roads, which in summer can be very vital indeed. Outside of July and August, the visitor circus subsides and the town becomes more lived in. The crystal-clear lake Ohrid resembles Croatian riviera and offers lots of activities from boat trips and swimming to hiking in nearby National park or just relaxing at cozy cafés or restaurants in the Old town with a glass of excellent Macedonian wine and enjoying the evening. You can visit the beautiful Monastery and springs of St. Naum, head to the mountains or get lost in the streets of Ohrid with various authentic pearl workshops.
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