Albanian Bunkers

The concrete mushrooms of Albania Back in the day when Enver Hoxha ruled, he banned travelling in foreign countries and following religion. He created the campaign that the only religion of Albania is Albanianism. But his happiness didn’t last. Because when the great powers were joining forces in creating the NATO he became dreadful of […]

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Ksamil’s Beaches & Attractions

Ksamil’s beaches have become one of the most popular destinations along the Albanian Riviera, according to In fact, even ranked Ksamil as one of the top 10 most exotic, unique, most requested destinations IN THE WORLD to visit during 2019. According to this study, tourists are more adventurous than in 2018. Many of […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Albania

Albania has natural abundance which has made the country a tourist destination for centuries. Unravelling its heritage reveals a distinct and memorable history. Its diverse culture is full of both old and new traditions that lie at the heart of the Albanian community. The wide array of artifacts and architecture found throughout the key cities […]

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