Tea and History Tour in Albania

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4 days

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About this tour

Tea and history tour in Albania will take you to some of the most amazing parts in Albania. This tour will take you to drink the best herbal tea but also you can try different types of biological tea from blueberry organic tea to the most traditional herbal tea in Albania. A tour that takes you to different parts of Albania where history is not forgotten. Where legends still exist and where the beauty of each place goes beyond the eye of the beholder. A tour of great tastes and mesmerizing views.

Moreover, this tour will take you from Tirana to Kruja, from Kruja to Durres. And from Durres to Berat to explore the history of Albania. In Kruja you will find the most important parts of Albanian history, you will discover what makes Albania a country with so much to offer. There you will witness how Albanian’s lived in the ethnographic museum and you will see the castle of Albania’s National Hero. Moreover, you will get the chance to taste traditional tea and explore the old-bazaar of Albania.

The next destination is Durres, the coastal city located on the sandbank of the Adriatic Sea. Find out what’s the history of this place, see the amphitheater that was built since the Roman period. Furthermore, see the valuables of Albanian history in the archaeological museum of Durres. A place that hides important gems. Next, take a trip to Berat, the city of 1001 windows and the city that many people think the prettiest in Balkans. Drink tea and talk about history in this 4-day tour of tea and history in Albania.


  • Discover what Tirana has to offer
  • Drink amazing types of organic tea
  • Explore Kruja and its history
  • Discover Berat’s 1001 windows
  • Find out what makes Durres important historically


  • Guide
  • Entrance Fees
  • Transportation for 4 days
  • Hotels 3 star in Tirana for 3 nights
  • Meals and drinks
  • Everything that is not mentioned above
  • Gratuities


Start this 4-day tour in Tirana. Tirana is the beautiful capital of Albania that needs to be explored as well as one can. It is important you choose a guided tour to discover Tirana. Tirana has a lot of history to offer, a thing that can be seen in the National Museum, in the streets, Scanderbeg Square and in other places that you can discover on this tour. Meanwhile, in Tirana, you can taste the amazing tea of the Tea Room.
Next Kruja, the birthplace of the Albanian hero that whispers history on each cobblestone. This city is an amazing opportunity to learn about Albania, history, and tea. What more could you want?
After Kruja, you will be headed towards the coastal city of Durres. In Durres, except the salty water and iodine in the air. There you will have amazing tea and a look in Ancient Albanian history.
The last stop of this tour is Berati, an amazing city with a lot of history. The legends of this place are still alive and everybody in the city knows them.


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