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This day trip of Shkodra from Tirana will be a great day for you. Wedged between the magical Accursed Mountains and the glittering expanse of Lake Skadar, Shkoder is a small city in the North of Albania.

Shkodra, the popular center of the Gheg cultural region, is one of the oldest cities in Europe and arguably the most beautiful urban center in Albania. Moreover, to talk about Shkodra is talking about legends. Besides, Shkodra is the fourth largest city in Albania. It is located in the north of Albania. Shkodra is an ancient city and a famous place where the Ottoman Empire lost about 30,000 warriors. Shkoder is known as an old artisan center. In the 3rd century B.C., it was the capital of the Illyrian Kingdom of the Ardians. It has been an important center of industry. Its economy was built on producing electric wire, cable works, wood, paper, fabric, and food processing.

The Rozafa Castle and the legend

One of the most touching legend and most famous in Albania is that of the castle of Shkodra, Rozafa. Rozafa was a girl married in a family of three brothers. The brothers were building a castle during the day, but during the night an unknown force destroyed the castle.

So, the legend goes that the youngest brother had a dream that his “Dead father” told him to bury in the walls the wife of one of the three brothers. However, the chosen one would be the one who would bring them lunch the next day. He goes and tells that to his brothers and they all betray him by telling the secret to their wives.

The next day, the youngest brother’s wife brought them lunch. Moreover, she just had given birth to a child whom she loved too much. They tell her about the dream and she accepts her fate. And she tells them to bury her in one condition… Learn this condition in this tour and learn what happens to Rozafa.


If you want to discover what Shkodra has for you, book this day trip from Tirana with us!


  • Learn the story of the Rozafa Castle
  • Visit the beautiful Shkodra
  • Explore the city where the culture began.
  • Discover the history of one of the oldest cities in Albania


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We start our journey from Tirana, and we drive towards the beautiful city of Shkodra to discover it’s beauty and story. Shkodra where we will visit the Rozafa Castle and the beautiful streets where the famous Albanian promenade happens.
After your tour of the castle, you will visit the museum. The museum will shed light on every stone and ruin you have visited so far.
Any questions you might have had throughout the tour of the castle will be answered. In addition to the story of the castle, the museum showcases artifacts from the Hellenistic and medieval periods up until World War I.
Then you will see the famous pedestrian road of Shkodra. After your tour in Shkodra we will drive back to to Tirana.


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