Kosovo Day Trip from Skopje

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Kosovo Day Trip from Skopje

Join the Kosovo day trip from Skopje. A trip where we will drive towards the beautiful city of Prishtina. But, not only that you will get to soak up amazing views on the way. Kosovo is a beautiful country with great landscapes. A few years ago on February 17, 2008, Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia after many years of oppression.

The trip from Skopje to Kosovo is a gorgeous journey through beautiful sceneries, but the moment you cross the border you will see the newly constructed road that is one of the best highways in Kosovo. However, it can be tricky to travel from Macedonia to Kosovo so we offer our comfortable vehicles which will make the trip more enjoyable.

Visit Kosovo and discover their love for America

Before reaching Prishtina, there are some billboards that are thanking America. The level of love towards America in Kosovo almost seems unreal. There’s a Statue of Liberty on top of a building. Also, there is a Bill Clinton statue, a boulevard named after him, and a long banner with Bill Clinton on it.

Kosovo is pretty cheap and hospitable too. If you can tie a trip to Kosovo from Macedonia then all the better, as it will be a pleasant experience in both countries.

Kosovo has a lot to offer as its war was recent and it has been built in a short time. This day on its day of independence Kosovo unveiled a monument, the NEWBORN typographic sculpture. In Prishtina, you will visit the NEWBORN typographic sculpture which they build as a result of Kosovo’s freedom.

They have agreed that the letters would be repainted each year to annually celebrate another year of freedom. Newborn an English word, in a country that speaks Albanian, represents the birth of a new country, a democratic and modern country,

Then we will head towards the National Library of Kosovo, which is built in a prison-like theme to show that even though Kosovo was conquered so many years now it is looking towards the future, as the books are the future of every nation. This building looks like it’s ready for battle! It’s covered in a cage- not tubular, but straight-edged steel! It has that Brutalist architecture design it looks amazing. The library is enormous.

Kosovo Day Trip from Skopje and Visit at the Cathedral of Mother Teresa.

Even though Kosovo is mainly a Muslim country, they build a cathedral for the minority of the Orthodox Community, and it’s an important landmark. The church is beautiful and stands tall just outside the city center. The inside is really pretty, as it is very simple and nothing was overdone.

Visit the second Scanderbeg Square in the world, which is located in Kosovo. Both. Kosovo and Albania were united in heart, they have the same National Hero for whom both countries are proud. Skanderbeg is one of the greatest Balkan freedom fighters in history, and statues are erected to him in both Pristina and Tirana Albania, which itself is symbolic of the blood that runs between these two great nations.

The statue is monolithic, as is Skanderbeg’s legacy.
Behind the statue is a very quiet and well-shaded plaza, excellent to stop and take a break from the powerful summer sun.

Also, not to forget is the Ethnographic Museum which shows how life was in Kosovo. The housing complex was constructed by the Gjinolli family or Emin Gjiku who then migrated to Turkey in the years 1958–59. Later on, the Natural Museum was opened in this housing complex. In 2006, a permanent ethnological exhibition of the Kosovo museum was set in this housing complex.

The few rooms on display give the visitors a good idea of how people lived and their relationship with visitors that they were obliged to welcome. The artifacts are colorful and many. When you step into the house, you take a step back in time.

Book the Kosovo Day Trip from Skopje and discover the newest country in the Balkans.


  • Visit the Beautiful City of Prishtina
  • Learn the history of the place
  • Soak up amazing views of the Newborn sculpture, the cathedral, and the library
  • Learn how Kosovans used to live by visiting the ethnographic museum.


  • Guide
  • Transportation
  • Entrance fees
  • What’s not mentioned above


We start our journey at Alexander the Great Square and we head to our vehicle to drive towards Kosovo. There you will be able to learn about the history of Kosovo and see the important landmarks of Prishtina.
We will visit the Newborn Monument and head towards the other important attractions.
After visiting all the things mentioned above we will drive you back to Skopje where your tour will end.

Make sure you are able to visit Kosovo as there are custom controls


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