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About this tour

Gjakova Day Tour takes part in the town of Gjakova. Gjakova is well known as a quiet, enjoyable, and historic town, it has the longest bazaar in the Balkans. The old town and Čaršija (bazaar) are both charming and remarkable. Moreover, it is an inevitable tourist destination for all travelers in Kosovo.

This town is rich in culture, heritage, and history and offers a remarkable experience. Walking around Gjakova’s streets you will see houses in unique architecture that will give you a vintage vibe. The cobblestone streets, the grand bazaar, and the old houses are a must to see in this small town. However, the town offers a lot of history.

Gjakova Day Tour with a hint of history

That you can see in the Ethnographic Museum of Gjakova which is a real gem. The museum shows about life in the past in this small corner of Kosovo. The ethnographic museum is situated in the “Citizen Traditional House”, a house with the most interesting characteristics in the city, representing the typical urban residence. It is rich with different collections, such as the ones from agriculture and farming and the collection of some handicrafts that have not vanished yet. In this museum, there is a collection of dresses with motives from different areas of Gjakova.

Moreover, right before you enter the grand bazaar you will see a typical house that represents Albanian architecture. The city’s clock tower is a must to see when in Gjakova, which is part of the heritage of Kosovo. This tower is located at the core of Grand Carshia. Having been an important trading town in the Dukagjini region for over 500 years, it was burned in 1912 by the Montenegrin Army and transferred to Montenegro.  You can definitely catch that vibe, that it is a place still trying to recover after being torn to pieces.

For the 100th anniversary of the premises’ demolition, MCYS in Kosovo rebuilt premises near the existing foundations.

Book this Gjakova Day Tour and enjoy learning more about this historic town.


  • Walk through Carshia e Madhe of Gjakova
  • Visit the Clock Tower, Carshia e Madhe, the bazaar area and Hani i Saracise
  • Visit Hadum mosque, 'Teqja e Bektashive' and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.


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We will meet in front of the Pashtriku hotel and continue our walk through Carshia e Madhe of Gjakova, where we will visit The Clock Tower, Carshia e Madhe, the bazaar area, which echos back the local traditional architecture. Later we continue our visit to Hadum mosque, Hani i Saracise and 'Teqja e Bektashive', and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.
Around the early afternoon, enjoy a coffee break at the top of the Cabrati Hill. On the way back to the city center, our beautiful trip ends up here.


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