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Dubrovnik Walking Tour and your local guide will show you about the Old Part of Dubrovnik Town. You will explore its monuments including the Franciscan Monastery, the monuments in Stradun, the Cathedral of the Assumption, and more.

In Dubrovnik Walking Tour you will see

Stradun is one of the main streets in Dubrovnik. It is the point that divides the old town into two or more parts northern and southern. Stradun is stretched from the Pile Gate to the Old Towns Port.  It is a pedestrian street and it is the city’s main promenade.  It is the venue of all public feasts and processions, but also the main business street of the City core. with beautiful late-Renaissance houses on each side, runs along a valley that, until 1272, was a marshy channel dividing the Latin island of Ragusa from the forest settlement of Dubrovnik.

The Franciscan Monastery complex contains a Monastery, church, museum, library, and the third oldest Old Pharmacy. A beautiful cloister garden is hidden away from the madness that is your average sightseeing day in Dubrovnik. Peaceful and silent despite being in the heart of the old city this is a tiny and unexpected oasis of green within historic architecture.

Founded in 1317 with the monastery, the pharmacy is the third oldest in Europe and still a working chemist for the city’s inhabitants. Centuries ago, the scent of mint and sage would float from the adjoining rooms down the beautiful cloisters.

Nowadays the old pharmacy contains a small exhibition, showcasing the equipment and manuscripts the monks used, buried in which are formulas referring to elixirs intended for all different purposes: to prolong youth, improve memory, and even preserve peace in the marriage. Though there’s little else to see, the monastery is an ideal place to visit, a haven in the heart of a bustling city. Enjoy the serenity as you walk through the cloisters surrounding the courtyard filled with orange trees.

Dubrovnik Walking Tour and more

The Cathedral is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dubrovnik. The local legend says the cathedral was founded by Richard the Lion Heart in the 1190s. After being shipwrecked upon his return from the Crusades, Richard vowed to give money for the building of a church if his life was spared. The Cathedral was destroyed in an earthquake of 1667.

On either side of the front of the cathedral are four Corinthian columns and the statues of Saint Blaise (patron saint of Dubrovnik) and Joseph with Child.
The inside has a high nave, separated by massive columns from the two aisles, three apses, and a grand Baroque dome, which is under repair again, by local stonemasons.

The cathedral is built at the same site where several Cathedrals existed earlier. Sacred facades, Corinthian columns, a statue of St.Blaisias, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, a treasury consisting of reliquaries from old masters including from Byzantium, Venice, and the Orient can be seen here. Golden symbols St. Blaisias are preserved here.

What else to expect on Dubrovnik Walking Tour

Onofrio’s Fountain opposite the Church of Holy Salvation, next to the Pile Gates, is the magnificent fountain built by Onofrio Della Cava. It was damaged by the earthquake but its beauty remains. It was erected as a celebration of the completion of the waterworks in 1438. The beauty and the architecture of the fountain and the clean water are preserved well nowadays.

Sponza Palace located at the end of Stradun in Old Town is a superb example reflecting a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles from the 16th century. The Palace once served as customs office, bonded warehouse, mint, armory, treasury, bank, and school. Presently there is an exhibition named “Memorial of Dubrovnik Defenders” dedicated to those martyrs who sacrificed their lives in recent war ( 1992-1995) also important symbols, flags, and other related items.

This place is also a host City’s Archives. There is an admission ticket. At the time of my visit, some arrangements are in progress for some official ceremony. The windows on the first floor second floor and Portico reflect rich ornamental Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles.

Enjoy the personal experience of the Dubrovnik walking tour while you learn about the heritage and ancient culture of the city.


  • Explore the famous historic landmarks, including the walk in Stradun.
  • Learn about Dubrovnik's history and culture from your local guide.
  • Choose the time when you want to take the tour.


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Dubrovnik always impresses its visitors with its paved streets with white limestone, its walls crowning the city and the medieval houses full of history. Walking on foot for around 2 hours, you will immerse into its 1,400-year history of the city, going back in time when Dubrovnik was one of the richest and most important ports in the world. We meet each other at Pile's Gate, in the old part of the city and start the journey through the city's history. We pass the Franciscan Monastery and Rector’s Palace, admire the Orlando Column, a monument in the Stradun. We also visit the Onofrit Fountain, built in 1438 at the end of a 12-kilometer aqueduct that provided water for the city. Our tour also passes by the Rector's Palace, Sponza Palace and the Cathedral of the Assumption, a baroque church built after the devastating earthquake of 1667.


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