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About this tour

The Blue Eye Day tour is one of the tours that deserve to be put next to the world’s 7 wonders tours. The blue eye, located south of Albania, approximately 1 hour from Saranda is a natural wonder. Precisely the blue eye of Albania is located in Muzine.

The blue eye is a natural phenomenon, it is a spring of water that gushes furiously from the depths of the unknown to the surface. You can see the water rumbling from your point of view. The phenomenon looks like an eye and the vegetation that surrounds it look like eyelashes.

The colors of the water are incredible. The blue. green is a reflection of the nature that surrounds it and the depths the water gushes from. The place looks like it comes out straight from a fairytale where fairies and nymphs live to escape the noise of the city.

This place is located in a remote area, and the road to reach it is a bit bumpy, but worth the trip.

The Blue Eye Day Tour and more

The river Bushtrica that flows in this area makes the trip even better as it gives the landscape a perfect scenic view.

In this Blue Eye day tour, you will also enjoy the refreshments the area offers but also you can enjoy a swim in the freezing cold waters. What is interesting about this place is that divers have attempted to reach the bottom to see its depth but they haven’t reached the bottom. This place is a natural monument surrounded by sycamore trees and bushes that make it more magical.


  • Magical Views
  • A temple of mother earth
  • Visit one of the most beautiful hidden Gems in Balkans
  • Visit an oasis of fresh air and tropical paradise
  • Amazing water colors


  • Transportation
  • Fees and taxes
  • Guide
  • Entrance fee
  • Food and drinks


We meet at the hotel and head towards Blue Eye to observe one of the most amazing natural phenomena of the spring gushing towards the surface from the bottom. The crystal clear waters of this place will make you feel like magic still exists. The wild nature around full of green vegetation and trees. This small paradise is nestled in the most extraordinary place in Balkans. Next we will take a walk around the forest, and witness the wilderness of it. Hear the birds singing and find your inner peace in this tour.
After we have explored the nearby forest and the Blue Eye we will head back to the starting point with the feeling that you found a place where we all belong, called nature.


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