Albania Uncharted: Unlock the Mysteries of a Fascinating Balkan Jewel

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8 days

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About this tour

Around Albania trip will show that Albania is rich in history and art. This Albania trip will take you to visit the whole country and several castles that important to Albanian history.

On the first day of the Albania trip, you will visit the capital of Albania Tirana. You will go around Scanderbeg Square and learn about the history of the square and what you can see from that point of view. Surely, from the square, you can see, the Et’hem Bey mosque which is a relic of the Ottoman period that conquered Albania for 500 years.

Behind the mosque is located the clock-tower which is also important as it is the face of Tirana. Just on the opposite side is another important place that you are going to visit, the national history museum of Tirana. The national history museum is a three-floor museum that is divided into sections and each of the sections shows the history of Albania. The museum has a lot of historical artifacts and relics.

The second day takes you to the monastery of Ardenica. Meanwhile, the Ardenica Monestry is located at the highest point of a range of hills stretching across the great plain of Myzeqea. It has been an important historical, cultural, and spiritual center of the Orthodox Church for many centuries. Because the monastery is situated close to a major road that joins Western and Eastern Europe, it drew many people to its door.

Albania Trip to the south of the country

The Albania Trip continues towards Saranda which is approximately 124 km from Vlora. On the way to Saranda, you will pass through one of the most scenic routes in the country, through Llogara. On the way to descend Llogara, you will see the Panorama, which is one of the most picturesque views where the sea looks like a painting. After Llogara follows some of the most scenic villages of the country.

Drymades, Vuno, Himara, Borsh, Lukove, are small villages situated on the shore of the Ionian Sea and the houses look like small dots when looking at them from afar. The next stop is Porto Palermo, where the Ali Pasha Castle is located, this castle overlooks the sea and dates back to the time when Napoleon Bonaparte had conquered Corfu, so Ali Pasha, the leader, and commander of Albania built this castle to oversee any possible enemy attack.


Before reaching Saranda, a stop at Butrint Archaeological site is a must. This place is said to have been first built during Julius Caesar’s period, and it was ruled by Illyrians who had built an amphitheater and a temple in this place. The women during that time had an important role in society. This place has traces from the early years of AD and BC.


After having visited Saranda this Albania Trip takes you through Gjirokastra, so you can visit the stone city and meet with the legend of Argyro and her castle. Gjirokastra offers to the visitors an old bazaar that is really impressive on the way it is built but also chunky limestone small streets all around the old city.

On top of the hill, to complete its beauty is located the Castle of Gjirokastra, which is an important place to understand the history. Overlooking the whole Valley and the whole city this castle was located at such a strategic point to overcome any enemy attack. However, the story of its name is a sad one which you are going to discover on the round Albania Trip.


Leaving Gjirokastra behind, we drive you to another important city that is UNESCO protected for its distinctive architecture that belongs to the Ottoman period. The city of Berat has a castle too, where people still live nowadays. Filled with small souvenir shops that lead you towards the Saint Triad church. A picturesque view, and a picturesque church filled with an impressive iconostasis. Then you will be headed to the Onufri Museum which is also inside the walls of the castle and learn about the impressive life and his paintings.


The ancient city of Apollonia. An important place in Albania’s history. Apollonia is an old city that once was an important trade center as it is located on the banks of the river Vjosa. After Apollonia, we drive towards the coastal city of Durres, located on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. The city with the poplar trees has a castle as well, the ruins of it are still preserved even though the last earthquake destroyed most of the parts. But, also the roman amphitheater is a place to see and learn about the history of it.

Albania trip to the North

Excursion to Shkodra. Stop and visit Lezha- Skanderbeg grave, the national hero was engraved here and it is a very important part of Albanian history. Leaving Lezha we head to the “Rozafa” castle, another important castle that is accompanied by a great and sad legend. Considered the city of the Albanian culture Shkodra has a lot of beautiful places to visit.

On this Albania trip, we will not forget to visit the town of Scanderbeg. The historic Kruja awaits every tourist the same way it awaited Scanderbeg to come back alive and victorious from each battle he fought. In Kruja you will visit the Museum of Scanderbeg that shows the life of the national hero,

We will tour the whole country to visit several castles important to Albanian history especially because they helped the independence of Albania in different periods. Visits to the archeological sites will deepen your understanding of the historical and cultural past of the country. The art of frescos will give you another insight into the development of Christianity in these regions. An unforgettable Albania trip.


  • Explore the art of frescos.
  • Discover the Ottoman cities, visit the biggest archeological site being excavated in Europe – Butrinti,
  • Taste the Albanian cuisine.


  • Accommodation: 7 nights HB
  • Tourguide: 8 days
  • Transportation: 8 days
  • Insurance
  • Drinks


Arrival at Rinas Airport – Transfer to Tirana to visit the center and National Historic Museum. Dinner. Overnight in Tirana.

Breakfast in Tirana – excursion to Vlora, stop on the midway and visit Monastery Ardenica near Lushnja. Arrival in Vlora (accommodation). Dinner (Tirana- Vlora city 140 km). Overnight in Vlora.

Breakfast in Vlora, excursion to Saranda through Llogara pass, Himara – Porto Palermo. Arrival and accommodation in Saranda. Visit the ancient city of Butrint. (Vlora – Saranda 124 km). Overnight in Saranda.

Breakfast in Saranda, excursion to Berat through Gjirokastra (Unesco Heritage site). Arrival in Berat (museum city), accommodation. After lunch a visit to the castle,churches and “Onufri” museum in the castle, (Saranda – Berat 200 km). Overnight in Berat.

Breakfast in Berat Travel to Apolonia ancient city through Fieri town. The excursion goes further to Durres city where we will be accommodated. Visit the ancient amphitheater. (Berat – Fier – Durres 100 km). Overnight in Durres.

Breakfast in Durres – Excursion to Shkodra. Stop and visit to Lezha- Skanderbeg grave ,arrival to Shkodra. First a visit to “Rosafat” castle and accommodation. During dinner a concert with folk music in Shkodra restaurant. Durres – Shkodra 115 km). Overnight in Shkodra.

Breakfast in Shkodra – After a sightseeing in the town around the lake of Shkodra the grup goes for excursion to Kruja and Tirana. In Kruja visit the street and Skanderbeg-museum in the castle with the same name. Lunch in the castle and back to Tirana. Accomodation in the hotel (dinner, overnight) (Shkodra – Kruja -Tirana 100 km). Overnight in Tirana.

Breakfast in Tirana – transfer to Mother Theresa

Airport. Departure.


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