The risk assessment information we are providing will help all travellers understand how Sondor is currently evaluating the situation in regard to running the tours. What is our methodology and approach so that we make sure all our guests feel safe and secure as they book one of our tours.


We are following the guidelines provided by Adventure Travel and Trade Association.

Does Albania have any tourism related COVID-19 restrictions for visitors

The destination does not have any travel related restrictions in place (domestic or international).

What is the current COVID-19 situation at the destination

Cases in decline but with new cases occurring. Restrictions eased but potential for ‘second wave’ to occur if restrictions lifted further.

Are airlines running reliable services

There are regular international flights operating to the destination

Is there a test, trace and track policy in place at the destination

There is a test, trace and track program but may be limited to residents of country or contact tracing app function may be limited.

What would be the impact of running the trip to the local community in the destination

Trip may visit remote areas where cases have been low. Practices are in place, but health care system may not cope if there was a surge in cases. Trip limits interactions with all but essential people to reduce possible transmission.

What is the Sondor's assessment of the overall COVID-19 situation and viability of operating a trip in Albania

Albania has active cases, but are low and decreasing, is under control and travel restrictions have eased. Trips will have limited to negligible impact on community.

What is the type of group that the customer is travelling with

Our groups are divided into 3 categories:

  • Groups organised by International Tour Operators where they do not know one another
  • Private groups who know one another and book a tour with Sondor Travel
  • FIT who travel individually and book a private tour with Sondor Travel

What COVID-19 precautions will the customer be asked prior to the trip starting

The customer provides a medical declaration on booking, along with a self-declaration that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms to Sondor immediately prior to departure. Customer advised on company policy that they are to adhere to certain measures while on the trip such as being honest if they feel any symptoms, practice distancing, good respiratory and hand hygiene measures.

Will the customer be able to obtain travel insurance

Travel insurances which cover all claims including due to COVID-19 should be obtained before travelling to Albania.

What type of transport will the guests be travelling in

Depending on the type of tour we run:


  • Organized groups

A small group from different households travelling in a vehicle that can operate at 50% capacity that has been sanitised before use and cleaned each day with one driver who has self-isolated/tested negatively, along with a health check for both driver and guests performed before setting off. PPE such as face coverings worn by driver and guests.


  • Private Groups

A group from the same household driven in a vehicle which has been sanitised before use and cleaned each day with one driver who has self-isolated/tested negatively, along with a health check for both driver and guests performed before setting off.


  • FIT

The customer will be self-driving in a personal or rented car that has been sanitised before use.

What type of accommodation is the guest staying in

  • The guests will be camping in sanitised tents, or in small lodgings such as self-catered accommodation which has been cleaned and sanitised, and guest has no contact with staff.


  • Guests will stay in small hotels/lodgings with few if any other guests, that has few staff members or minimum staff contact. Accommodation has been sanitised according to relevant protocols. Guests that are not in same household in separate rooms with separate facilities, and there is adequate space to practice social distancing.

How will the customers be fed

  • Customers will be catered for in small lodgings or restaurants where they are the only guests, and likely to be the only or one of few places guests will eat at. Meals are cooked to order and staff follow strict policy and sanitation guidelines. Guests that are not in same household can dine at tables which can practice social distancing guidelines. If receiving packed lunches, items are sterilized before being packed.


  • Customers will dine in hotels or restaurants where other guests will be dining, so increased risk of interactions. Restaurant will conform to strict policy and sanitation guidelines and maintain social distancing between tables.

Can the activity take place with social or physical distancing measures in place

  • The activity takes place outdoors and it is usual for the participants to remain socially distanced or can be easily implemented such as with trekking, cycling or horse riding. Wearing face coverings will have a negligible impact.


  • Activity takes place outdoors in very close proximity with each other (less than 1m/3ft) but for short periods of time, and some measures can be made to activity procedures to limit exposure such as face coverings, good hygiene.

Can activity specific equipment be sanitised before use

The activity requires equipment that is used by the individual supplied to them for the duration. This equipment can be cleaned before and after use and not used by the other participants

Will the activity take place in popular/honeypot areas

  • The activity takes place in a remote setting where it is unlikely to meet many other people, and those that are met, distance can be maintained.


  • There is a chance that the activity takes place where other tourists or locals visit, but is easy to keep distance, or change route to keep away from others.

Do the company have an existing Safety Management System in place

Sondor has an existing Safety Management System and it will be possible to implement COVID-19 measures into this framework

By what means and how long will it take to evacuate or remove a guest from the activity who starts to display COVID-19 related symptoms

Activity takes place 1-2 hours from a road extraction point at any point of the duration of trip. It is easy to keep patient socially distant from other members of the group if guest should stay with team

What is the overall assessment of nearest definitive medical care with Critical Care Unit/Intensive Care Unit at the destination

A regional hospital nearby that has some CCU capacity and equipment, but barely enough for only a small number of cases in the local population. Hospital with dedicated COVID ward situated in major cities many hours away.

What is the staff's day to day distancing habits and potential exposure preceding the trip

Staff are asked to remain vigilant and ensure protection measures are put in place to reduce exposure risk prior to trip.

What are the procedures once a guest or member of staff shows symptoms

If a guest or staff member shows any suspected symptoms from the health screening, they are immediately removed, along with anybody in their immediate travelling group, and isolated in accommodation they are staying with at the time. Testing is available to them which the company organises for them to have. Health screening continues with the rest of the group and upon commencement are asked if any symptoms have appeared