Why should you choose Sondor Travel?

With us you will dive into culture and tradition because

WE MAKE THE TOURS PERSONAL: we know that when you are traveling you would like to get the best of the moments in that place you’ve traveled to. We have experience, since more than 20 years, we personally check our selection of accommodation facilities, restaurants, transportation and guides we work with.

WE CONNECT: We show you the people as we believe that travel stretches your mind because of the myriad of the new amazing landscapes, unknown smells and sounds. You will meet the locals of each place, and most of them have stories to tell. Also, We speak your language, we have a team that will answer each one of your questions.

FEEL THE NATURE: With us, you will feel the nature, we will travel in undiscovered paths of the Alps, and we will take you to amazing beaches, and you will experience nature more than ever. But you will feel the nature in the way of eating also, because just like you we love food.That is why we choose the most special places to eat. Where you can taste ecological product and local food traditions.

We are Sondor, we offer you an outstanding experience in Balkans and we love travelling as much as you do.

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