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Albania is considered as the hidden corner of Europe. Explore Albania Hidden Gems Tour in 8 Days. If you are the type of person who likes the nature and loves to explore the culture and the history of a country, then this is the trip for you.

8 days
€955 / per person

Explore the culture of Balkan by travelling in Albania, Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo, and discover 4 different cultures that have influenced one another, yet unique. In this tour you will discover some of the most attractive UNESCO sites in region and visit the most beautiful cultural attractions selected for you.

15 days
€2737 / per person

Explore Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. Discover amazing sites in this 8-day-long tour of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Explore the culture, history and nature of this part of the Balkans which has been closed to tourists for a long time but is now ready to be discovered. Learn about the medieval history of Albanians in Krujë, the…

8 days
€990 / per person

Northern Albania and Kosovo share a common past and culturally are so much alike. The dialect spoken called “Geg dialect” includes all northern Albania, Kosovo and beyond. We will start the tour in Tirana and head north toward Valbona Valley and Dukagjini area in Kosovo.

10 days
€1220 / per person

Enjoy the local food of Northern Albania. The Albania Agri-Tourism and Farm Life tour is designed to help you get in touch with local farmers and, more importantly, the delicious farm-to-table culinary experience that they provide. We will visit Fishtë Village, the birth place of the famous Albanian writer Gjergj Fishta, and sample the delicious…

10 days
€1150 / per person

In this Western Balkans Highlights Tour you will explore the best of Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro in 14 Days. Discover the beauty of the nature, landmarks and the beauty inside of the people.

14 days
€1840 / per person

Relax on the diverse beaches of Albania. Albanians boast of their stunning beaches, and they have every reason to. Whether you like luxuriating on sandy beaches or exploring rocky ones, you can find it in Albania. The weather is perfect during the beginning and end of the summer, and the seafood is fresh and delicious…

9 Days
€1355 / per person

We will explore the vibrant cities of Tirana and Prishtina, experience the local hospitality, visit the well preserved monasteries and churches of Decan and Peja, learn about the history of Albanians in Kruja and Prizren, admire the Ottoman architecture and atmosphere of Gjirokastra and Gjakova

14 days
€1550 / per person

This trip begins with a 2 day visit in Albania where we visit: Tirana, the capital of Albania and Kruja the medieval chief-town. We continue to Kosovo where for another 2 days we visit the beautiful town of Prizren, the 14th century church of Decani, and the Serbian Patriarchate in Peja. The highlight of this…

12 days
€1350 / per person

Kruja was the most important town for the Albanians during the 15th century which withstood successfully to at least 3 major sieges by the Ottoman Empire. The medieval hero Gjergj Kastrioti called “Scanderbeg” is considered not only by Albanians as a symbol of resistance and savior but also by ottomans who believed that a supernatural…

9 days
€1315 / per person

Many don’t know that Albania and Kosovo have many similarities like the same language, belong to the same ethnic group and have similar cultures. We explore the vibrant cities of Tirana and Prishtina, experience the local hospitality, visit the well preserved monasteries and churches of Decan and Peja, learn about the history of Albanians in…

14 days
€1820 / per person

Albania boast of its wonderful nature, local hospitality, and Unesco heritage sites. Macedonia is well known for the great people that lived there such as Alexander the Great and Mother Theresa. Kosovo as the newest independent country in Europe hides in itself a rich cultural and religious diversity.

10 days
€1370 / per person

From the curative sands of Velipoja to the lively streets of Ohrid, Albania and Macedonia offer an interesting mixture of culture, history tradition and delicious cuisine. We have the chance to tour most of Albania and eastern part of Macedonia. We will swim in the Adriatic coast, enjoy the panorama of the Albanian Highlands, get…

8 days
€1220 / per person

Albania is rich in history and art. We will tour the whole country to visit several castles important to the Albanian history especially because they helped the independence of Albania in different periods of time. Visits in the archeological sites will deepen your understanding of the historical and cultural past of the country.

8 days
€1180 / per person