It is exciting exploring a region from the seat of a bike. You can find it special after pushing yourself along a route, riding your bike, and after every stop you make you are eager to get back on and get going again. Albania is surrounded by high mountains, steep downhills, and rough terrain – at first sight, but it can also be a destination reserved for road cycling, mountain and downhill biking. There’s a lot more to Albania than high-raising peaks. Thanks to experienced trekking leaders’ cyclists can find suitable routes. Cycling can be another way to get closer to nature, discover hidden jewels in the countryside, and even experience the hospitality of the locals. The interest for cycling in Albania is growing fast in the last few years. Local initiatives and national collaborations are turning the country into a frequent cycling destination. You don’t have to be a professional to tour Albania from the seat of a bicycle. We’ll help you find easy routes everyone can enjoy.

Where do we go?

The cycle path starts from the shores of ancient Lake Ohrid and stretches out to the Mediterranean. The road will start to gently climb, culminating in the most demanding climb, and will end up on a scenic road which will take us along two small lakes and through some traditional villages. You will visit a small apiary (bee farm) where we can taste different flavors of local honey. The evenings can be spent resting or taking walks through the breathtaking countryside, or cities. After cycling along the scenic main road that connects Gjirokastra to Saranda, where begins a gentle climb, which becomes more challenging by the end as you cycle through Muzina pass. You take a break at the Blue Eye Springs well known for its unique ecosystem, visit the UNESCO Butrinti Archaeological Park and this marks the end of your journey.

Why Cycle Here?

The places through which you cycle make this ride feel like a moving river, and soon you get in destination and relax in the peaceful towns, or countryside. Green and blue! In this trip you will see a mixture between green and blue. The scenery is rich with a variety of trees, green fields, flowers, and to continue with the deep blue colors of the Ionian Sea when you head down to Saranda. All this will make you feel like the modern world is far from you, and the sense of relaxation is laid out for you on this trip.