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We started out in 1991 when Albania became a democratic country. My father had worked previously during the communist period as Head of Tourism Office for Northern Albania so it was ‘natural’ for him to continue his work in the private sector for the upcoming years.



My father came up with the idea of naming the company after me and my sister so:  Sonja & Dorien becomes: Sondor.



We started offering tours and transportation mostly to Albanians. In time we changed from an outbound company to an inbound one, focused in Adventure Tours in Albania and Western Balkan.



Being born and raised in the Albanian Alps and having an extensive knowledge about tourism, especially for Albania, has created in us the desire to share what we know with lots of enthusiast travellers worldwide. So now we provide different adventure tours in such as: Walking, SnowshoeingMutli-Activity, Cycling and Cultural Discovery in Albania and Western Balkan.

Sondor Experience

For us it is very important to have a safe and secure drive. We want our clients to have the best driving experience. Thats why our drivers are chosen based on their driving experience around the Balkan

Why choose us?

We spend a lot of time personally knowing in depth and continually upgrading our selection of accommodation facilities, restaurants, transportation and guides we work with. This has helped us know exactly what to offer to different requests we process every day.

Our Office

Rruga Cerciz Topulli, pallati “Reli”, kati 1, dyqani 19

Tirana, Albania

Email: info@sondortravel.com

Phone: +355 68 20 01 988

Tel: +355 4 22 25 063


Our team is able to assist you in: English, German, Italian and Japanese

Sadik Malaj, CEO

Sadik has an extensive experience in Tourism as Director of Albtourism in North Albania until 1991 and afterwards as the founder of Sondor Travel.  He is as well the Chairman of the Albanian Tour Operator Union.

Dorien Malaj General Manager of Sondor Travel
Dorien Malaj, COO

Dorien has a background as a Psychologist. He joined Sondor Travel full time in 2012 to cover the operational aspects of the company. Beside working in the office he leads several of our groups in English, Italian and Japanese.

Emmanuel Malaj,
Software Development Engineer

Emmanuel is the new addition to our Company. He is covering several roles now such as: Software Development Engineer and SEO Marketing.

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