Snowshoeing in Albania

Snowshoeing in Albania

Snowshoeing in Albania is a fascinating trip which combines great mountain scenery, unique insights into the local culture and fantastic snowshoeing routes in the Alps. Crossing the border into Kosovo as we snowshoe will as well be another great day.

Tour Highlights:

  • Breathtaking views of Valbona Valley
  • Great trails to snowshoe in
  • Great local experiences 
  • Unexplored destinations


What’s included:

1. Accommodation in a 3 or 4 star hotel, BB services, 8 nights
2. 7 lunches and 7 dinners
4. Folk Evening in Valbona Valley
5. English speaking guide for 9 days
6. Local assistant guide
7. Transfers by minibus:
8. Transportation by minibus for 7 days
10. Drivers accommodation expenses for 8 nights, sngl, fb
11. Entrance in museums and religious object
12. Snowshoe Rentals
13. Assistance of Sondor Travel

Day 1. Mother Theresa Airport – Tirana
The group is met at the airport by the our Tourleader. Next we are transferred to our hotel in Tirana. Depending on the arrival time we can schedule a guided walk through the city center.

Day 2. Tirana – Gjakova – Bajram Curri – Valbonë
Breakfast in Tirana. The group starts driving to the heart of the Albanian Alps through the cities of Prizren and Gjakova in Kosovo. On our way to Valbonë we stop for lunch in the city of Gjakova. On our way to Valbona Valley we can take some breaks along the way such as in the city of Bajram Curri. Bajram Curri is a small city situated on the foot of Hekura Mountain 2525 m high. The name of the city comes from the national hero Bajram Curri which was an outstanding fighter in honor of whom a 7 m high statue is placed in the city center. After visiting the city we continue driving to our destination: Valbona Valley. After a break in the hotel we begin with an explanatory session about the snowshoes for the first timers. We make sure everyone’s snowshoes measures with their boot number. Next we gently begin walking through Valbona riverbed as we test our snowshoes.
Lunch & Dinner (Included)
Overnight: Valbonë

Day 3. Valbonë – Kukaj – Valbonë
Breakfast in Valbonë.
After breakfast we start snowshoeing to Kukaj village. During the first part of the walk we will snowshoe along Valbona riverbed. On the way we can take a break near some old bunkers and explain a bit more about the massive fortification of Albania during the 70’s – 80’s. Next we walk along the road track uphill until we reach the village. Since we are still early for lunch, we continue following an old track to the point where we see Jezerca the 2694 m high. From there we circle back to the village of Kukaj where a warm welcome (the local host called Tahir serves us hot mountain tea, homemade cheese and the local alcoholic drink called “Raki”) waits for us. The afternoon is filled with laughter since Tahir always likes to tell lots of jokes. After lunch we head back to the hotel but usually before reaching the hotel we stop for a coffee at the local coffee shop opposite our hotel. During tonight’s dinner we have invited a folk group to perform for us. They are a family that lives in a nearby village self taught into playing the traditional instruments and dance.
Lunch & Dinner (Included)
Folk Music (Included)
Overnight: Valbonë.

Day 4. Valbonë – Grykat e hapta – Valbonë
Todays hike is going to be more challenging, as we will snowshoe in Grykat e Hapta Mountain 2625 m high. We begin snowshoeing straight from the hotel (900 m) and then into the road tracks for a while. After that, we gently gain more elevation as we try to cross above the tree line. Next we continue alongside the mountain until we reach the highest point. This is a panorama point from where Valbona valley and the encircling mountains look amazing. After we soak up this spectacular view we begin our descent until we reach our hotel in Valbonë.
Lunch & Dinner (Included)
Overnight: Valbonë

Day 5. Valbonë – Rrogam – Valbonë
The distance we will cover today will be shorter than the other days. But today will will take more time to tell you about the communist period and how it was for the locals to live under that system. An interesting thing for example was that if an acquaintance was invited for a night over to one of the houses in the valley he/she had to have a special permission by the government to visit the area since not far way is the border with Montenegro. During communism the government was afraid that people might flee the country by using mountain routes such as the ones in Valbona. Our destination for the day is the village of Rragam. The village nowadays is not inhabited during winter times since most of its inhabitants live in the nearby city of Bajram Curri. They come to the village only when the snow melts and the area is more accessible. Even though there is this challenge we will have someone who is going to open for us his house during lunchtime. We will bring our lunch bags with us.
Lunch & Dinner (Included)
Overnight: Valbona

Day 6. Valbonë – Bajram Curri – Bujan – Tropojë
Today we walk again along valley for about 30 min until we reach the house of our local guide. We can’t leave the valley without stopping for a coffee and raki at his house. Next with our local guide we continue along the valley for another hour of snowshoeing. In the end we take off the snowshoes and boots and with our minibus head to the city of Bajram Curri for lunch. In the afternoon we will visit a typical North Albanian turret type house. The house belonged to an important Albanian hero called Mic Sokoli who died as he was fighting against the Ottoman Army. In the afternoon we reach the village of Tropojë where we will be accommodated. Next, we will take a walk through the village and have a coffee with the locals.
Lunch & Dinner (Included)
Overnight: Tropojë village.

Day 7. Tropojë – Buçaj – Padesh – Botushë – Gjakovë (Kosovo)
Breakfast in Tropojë village. We drive for 20 min until the village of Buçaj. From there, we begin walking through the snow to the village of Padesh for around 3 hours. Padesh is a beautiful village surrounded by a wide forest of beech and pine trees in the altitude of 1450 m. If the weather is clear we can see the wide valley of Tropoja and part of Dukagjini flatland in Kosovo. Lunch will be in a family house in Padesh. The wife of the house owner does embroidery so she can show us some of her recent works. After lunch we will continue walking toward Kosovo passing through the old military post and crossing into Kosovo. From the village of Koshare we drive to the city of Gjakove (about 30 min) where will be accommodated and have dinner. Lunch & Dinner (Included)
Overnight: Gjakovë.

Day 8. Gjakovë – Prizren – Tirana (Albania)
Breakfast in Gjakovë. Today we will visit the city of Gjakovë and walk through the ottoman Bazaar which has around 500 stores, one of the longest in Balkan. We visit as well Hadumi mosque as one of the most characteristic mosques in Kosovo. After this, the visit in Gjakovë ends and we drive to the historic city of Prizren. (Based on group desire we can visit the Orthodox Monastery near Deçan about 15 km from Gjakova). Prizren is historically one of the most important cities for the Albanians. Many historical events such as the Albanian League have happened in Prizren making the city the capital of the Albanians for a short time. There we will visit the Sinan Pasha’s mosque, the Orthodox Church and the center. After lunch we continue driving to the city of Tirana. Accommodation in the hotel.

Lunch (Included)
Overnight: Tirana

Day. 9 Tirana – Mother Theresa Airport

Breakfast in Tirana. In the end of our visits in Tirana, we drive to the airport, just 30 minutes away. End of the program

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