Why rent with Sondor Vacations.

How it works?


Set up your property

Explain what’s unique, show off with photos, and set the right price


Get the perfect match

We’ll connect you with travelers from home and abroad


Start earning

We’ll help you collect payment, deduct a commission, and send you the balance, or in case of payments on arrival at the property you will sent our commission back to us every time on the next 14 days of the next month

Why rent with Sondor Vacations

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Implement PPC campaigns

Implement PPC campaigns, and social media promotion and visibility.

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Your rental, your way.

Set your price, dates, rules, and more. We give you the tools to make sure you’re in control.

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Millions of travelers

Put your home in front of a global network of travelers looking for the perfect match.

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Listing across 50+ well-known vacation rental sites

We’ll tailor your listing across 50+ well-known vacation rental sites (e.g.,, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Flipkey, Flat4Day, Homeaway, as well as in our website

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The easiest way to reach a global audience.

Sondor Vactions is one of the fastest growing vacation rentals in Albania, offering a global audience, an online presence on more than 50 channels worlwide for its properties.


If you have more than 10 properties we might consider signing up an agreement as a property manager.