Ksamil’s beaches have become one of the most popular destinations along the Albanian Riviera, according to www.booking.com.

In fact, Booking.com even ranked Ksamil as one of the top 10 most exotic, unique, most requested destinations IN THE WORLD to visit during 2019.

According to this study, tourists are more adventurous than in 2018. Many of them want unique experiences amongst their friend groups. Little-explored destinations, like Albania, are the answer to this growing desire to experience something out of the ordinary.

Ksamil is a pearl hidden nearby the beautiful city of Saranda. It has an abundance of crystal clear water, both sandy and rocky beaches and many nearby attractions. These attractions include the Blue Eye and the ancient city of Butrint nestled within the UNESCO heritage Butrint National Park. In addition, there are and many rare species of wildlife native to this area.

Ksamil, located between the Ksamil Peninsula and the Butrint Lagoon, boasts a number of hotels and restaurants. That said, holiday homes remain a favorite option for the area.

Corfu Island, Greece marks the southern boarder of Ksamil. A daily ferry line connects the two vacation hot-spots.

Another distinction which make this area very requested are the four small islands in front of Ksamil’s beach coast. Dense Mediterranean vegetation and golden sand cover the 9 acres of these islands. Take a short boat trip to these islands and enjoy Ksamil from a new perspective.

In addition to the beaches, explore the many day tours that the area around Ksamil has to offer. These will better aquaint you with the history, archaeology, and nature of the area.