Prishtina Day Tour

Prishtina day tour starts with a hotel pick up. The beautiful city of Prishtina is the capital of Kosovo. Kosovo is a beautiful country with great landscapes. Kosovo has a lot to offer as its war was recent and it has been built in a short time. Visit the NEWBORN typographic sculpture that represents Kosovo’s […]

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Romeo and Juliet Tour Sarajevo

Romeo and Juliet Bridge tour takes you Sarajevo’s historical part. The bridge is located over the Miljacka River in Sarajevo. The bridge is a typical bridge with simple architecture that offers great views. However, the bridge has a history and that is the reason it is worthy of a visit. Nowadays it is a symbolic […]

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Sarajevo Tunnel Tour

The Sarajevo Tunnel tour takes you back in time. The Sarajevo Tunnel is an underground tunnel that represents the Bosnian War. Now the Tunnel is turned into a museum. Moreover, this tunnel was dug by hands with shovels and picks. This tunnel used to connect two neighborhoods with the free parts of Sarajevo during the […]

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Gjakova Day Tour

Gjakova Day Tour takes part in the town of Gjakova. Gjakova is well known as a quiet, enjoyable and historic town, it has the longest bazaar in the Balkans. The old town and Čaršija (bazaar) are both charming and remarkable. Moreover, it is an inevitable tourist destination for all travelers in Kosovo. This town is […]

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Permet Day Trip

Visit one of the most famous attractions of Beautiful Albania, the thermal baths located in Benje Permet, are a must see in a day trip when travelling Albania. The waters with their beautiful blue color and the warmth are so amazing you will be left speechless. Located near one of the last wild rivers of […]

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