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northern albania


Adventure & Culture Tours in Albania


Albania, with its stunning mountain scenery, a thriving capital in Tirana and beaches to rival any elsewhere in the Mediterranean, Albania has become the sleeper hit of the Balkans.

skopje day tour, alexander the great
2 hour walking Tour in Skopje
Walk through Skopje streets and let your guide to walk…
Albania – Kosovo – Macedonia
Albania boast of its wonderful nature, local hospitality, and Unesco…
Berat Albania and Western Balkans
Visiting Berat city is a unique experience of your lifetime.…
Bike and Food Tour
This trip combines some of the best cycling routes in…
buthrotum Saranda Albania
Butrinti Day Trip from Corfu
This trip will take you to one of the most…
Dubrovnik – 2 Hour Walking Tour
Learn from your local guide about Old Part of Dubrovnik…
Dubrovnik Cable Car and Walking Tour, by sondor travel
Dubrovnik Cable Car and Walking Tour
Take in the old town of Dubrovnik by cable car.…
Food Tour in Tirana
Take a walk through the New Bazaar in Tirana, the…
Full Day Berat from Durres
Berati is a central city in Albania, with white ottoman…
Gjirokastra and Saranda in a day tour from Corfu
Defined by its castle, limestone and clay paved narrow streets,…
Gjirokaster Day Tour
Gjirokastra, Full Day Tour
Defined by its castle, roads paved with chunky limestone and…
Highlights of Tirana on a 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour
See the main sights of Tirana on a tour that…
Teth 4x4, by Sondor Travel
Jeep Tour in Theth
Full day Jeep Safari Theth is one of the best…
Multi-Activity Holiday in Albania and Kosovo
We will drive to the Albanian Alps and cycle toward…
Ohrid day tour from Tirana
Ohrid Day Tour from Tirana
Day Tour in Ohrid from Tirana. Travel comfortably in an…
Prizren Day Tour from Tirana
Visit the historic and touristic landmarks of Prizren, learn about…
Prizren Day Tour with a Local Guide
Visit the historic and touristic landmarks of Prizren, learn about…
Thethi Day Tour with Private Guide
A full day tour of Theth Village including sites such…
Tour of Dubrovnik and Walls, by sondor travel
Tour of Dubrovnik Old Town and its Walls
Learn from a local guide about architecture and history of…
Tour of Dubrovnik with a visit to Franciscan Monastery
Learn from a local guide about architecture and history of…
Western Balkans Highlights
In this Western Balkans Highlights Tour you will explore the…
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