Top 5 places to visit in Albania in March

As March is approaching, we decided to give you a guide on where to go to Albania in March. Albania is a beautiful country with a lot to offer for each season. Our slogan at Sondor Travel is A Reason For Every Season that’s how we describe Albania and Us. Are you planning to visit […]

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Dubrovnik Day Trips

Looking for day trips in Dubrovnik? We are here to help you! We have made a list of the best day trips of Dubrovnik we offer. Day trip of Dubrovnik’s old town and the walls Accompanied by experienced guide, who will entertain you with interesting details and stories, at Dubrovnik Day Tour you will enjoy […]

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Albania 10 Day Itinerary

Are you ready to spend 10 days in Balkans? Moreover, 10 days in Southeastern Europe’s Balkan? We are ready to take you there with our 10 day itinerary in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece. Albania Agri-Tourism and Farm Life Are you ready to enjoy some good food while exploring Albania with this 10 day […]

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Kosovo things to do

Kosovo famous landmarks Kosovo is the newest born country in Europe. It is a beautiful country with great landscapes. And has recently been declared a state. Moreover, it has a lot to offer from ancient to modern intertwined. Since Kosovo is a small country with no sea it is difficult to find on your own […]

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Dubrovnik fun things to do

Dubrovnik is a dream for many, and many others it is paradise on earth. A city with an old town within ancient historical walls and a game of thrones atmosphere everywhere is always worthy. The town is UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. Moreover, many visitors from all over the world visit Dubrovnik yearly. Dubrovnik has it all, […]

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