Albania – Kosovo – Macedonia

Albania boast of its wonderful nature, local hospitality, and Unesco heritage sites. Macedonia is well known for the great people that lived there such as Alexander the Great and Mother Theresa. Kosovo as the newest independent country in Europe hides in itself a rich cultural and religious diversity. Be ready to be enchanted by these impressive cultures.


  • Experience local hospitality
  • Taste the delicious cuisine
  • Visit Unesco heritage sites
  • See the birthplace of Mother Theresa

What’s included


GROUP SIZE: min 12 pax

ACCOMMODATION: 3 or 4 star hotel HB , 1 night in Rubik, 1 night in Gjakovë, 1 night in Skopje, 2 nights in Ohrid, 1 night in Berat, 1 night in Vlorë, 2 nights in Tiranë

MEALS INCLUDED: 9 dinners and 1 lunch.

TRANSPORT: 10 days by minibus.

TOUR GUIDE: 10 days.

ASSISTANCE: by our agency during all days of stay in the region.

Day 1 Krujë – Rubik. Arrival in Mother Theresa Airport, Albania and transfer to Rubik to visit the 13 century church.

Day 2 Kosovo. We visit the towns of Prizren and Gjakova known for the diverse cultural, historical and religious past.

Day 3 Macedonia. Before travelling to Macedonia we make a visit in Pejë to visit the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate. In Macedonia we visit the its capital Skopje, the birthplace of Mother Theresa.

Day 4 Skopje – Ohrid. In the morning we visit the centre of Skopje, the old ottoman bazaar, Macedonia Square and Mother Theresa Memorial House. Travel to Ohrid the Slavic Jerusalem known for its many Byzantine churches part of Unesco Heritage Sites.

Day 5 Ohrid – Sv. Naum. Learn about Saint Naum and his missionary work to during the 9th century and relax in Ohrid.

Day 6 Ohrid – Elbasan, Albania. Travel to Albania to visit Elbasan and the medieval castle built by Sultan Mehmet II during the 15 century. Continue to Berat to learn about the city of one upon another windows part of Unesco World Heritage List. Visit the castle dating back 4 century BC and Onufri Museum.

Day 7 Apolonia – Vlorë. Visit Apollonia founded in the 6 century BC known for it school of philosophy. In Vlorë we visit the Flag Square to know more about the independence of Albania in 1912.

Day 8 Durrës – Tirana. Visit the Roman Amphitheatre built in the 2nd century A.D which could hold about 15 000 spectators. Travel to Tirana, the capital of Albania. Founded in 1614 Tirana’s architecture is influenced by its Ottoman past and Italian style of the 30’s.

Day 9 Krujë. Visit the chief town of Scanderbeg and museum dedicated to this Medieval Albanian leader.

Day 10 Tiranë. Free time for shopping. Depart to the Airport.

 13 May 2018
 22 May 2018
 09 Sep 2018
 18 Sep 2018

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