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Albania, a country that no matter how many times you might visit it, always finds ways to surprise you. The blue skies and orange sunsets are a reason to visit Albania. But if you still are thinking about it then we offer you other reasons to visit Albania. Visit Albania for the sea that is in different turquoise and blue colors. Visit Albania for the Alps that show their magnificent heights from one corner of the country to another. Visit Albania to learn the history that is ancient and modern. Visit the land of eagles to learn about Besa and why it is so important for Albanians. Discover Albania in one of our Albania Day Tours, or week tours. Explore the ancient ruins that date to prehistoric times and medieval times. Find out where each old artifact comes from. Discover the history of Scanderbeg, a hero that is known for his victories and his abilities as a commander, ruler, and leader. Find out about Butrint, the biggest archeological site in the country, discover the story of its ruins and why it is so important. See Apollonia, once an important place now a place that screams of historical facts. Find out why Berat is so important, and under UNESCO heritage protection. Visit the streets of Tirana and learn about Communism. Get to know the story of Argyro of Gjirokastra and of Rozafa of Shkodra. Learn more about Albania. Visit Albania, Choose one of our Albania Day Tours, and get into the depth of a country that is inviting and welcoming.
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