Cycling from Ohrid to The Mediterranean

It is exciting exploring a region from the seat of a bike. You can find it special after pushing yourself along a route, riding your bike, and after every stop you make you are eager to get back on and get going again. Albania is surrounded by high mountains, steep downhills, and rough terrain – […]

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Best Things To Do in Durrës, Albania!

Durres the city of an ancient culture. It was surrounded by thick protective walls, segments of which have been uncovered after archeological excavations. Dyrrachium was one of the largest harbor cities of antiquity on the eastern shoreline of the Adriatic. Despite the devastations that city had suffered through the centuries, it has always been inhabited, […]

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Albanian Cuisine

The traditional Albanian cuisine, costumes, culture and the hospitality that characterizes Albanians, originate from ancient countries in Europe, lying on the Border between East and West. As a result, the traces of culture and culinary arts are oriental and occidental. The favorable climate allows the cultivation of nearly all kinds of agricultural product. There is […]

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