Round Trip Albania

Albania is rich in history and art. We will tour the whole country to visit several castles important to the Albanian history especially because they helped the independence of Albania in different periods of time. Visits in the archeological sites will deepen your understanding of the historical and cultural past of the country. The art of frescos will give you another insight into the development of Christianity in these regions.


  • Explore the art of frescos.
  • Discover the Ottoman cities, visit the biggest archeological site being excavated in Europe – Butrinti,
  • Taste the Albanian cuisine.

What’s included

DURATION: 8 days

GROUP SIZE: min 12

ACCOMMODATION: Tiranë (2), Vlore (1), Sarande (1), Berat (1), Durres (1), Shkodra (1) – 7 nights HB


TRANSPORT: 8 days by minibus

ASSISTANCE: by our agency during all days of stay in Albania

Day 1 Tirana: Arrival at Rinas Airport – Transfer to Tirana to visit the center and National Historic Museum. Dinner. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 2 Vlora. Breakfast in Tirana – excursion to Vlora, stop on midway and visit Monastery Ardenica near Lushnja. Arrival in Vlora (accommodation). Dinner (Tirana- Vlora city 140 km). Overnight in Vlora.

Day 03 Saranda. Breakfast in Vlora, excursion to Saranda through Llogara pass, Himara – Porto Palermo. Arrival and accommodation in Saranda. Visit the ancient city of Butrint. (Vlora – Saranda 124 km). Overnight in Saranda.

Day 4 Gjirokastra to Berat. Breakfast in Saranda, excursion to Berat through Gjirokastra (Unesco Heritage site).

Arrival in Berat (museum city), accommodation. After lunch a visit to the castle,churches and “Onufri” museum in the castle, (Saranda – Berat 200 km). Overnight in Berat.

Day 5 Apolonia – Durrës. Breakfast in Berat Travel to Apolonia ancient city through Fieri town. The excursion goes further to Durres city where we will be accommodated. Visit the ancient amphitheater. (Berat – Fier – Durres 100 km). Overnight in Durres.

Day 6 Shkodra: Breakfast in Durres – Excursion to Shkodra. Stop and visit to Lezha- Skanderbeg grave ,arrival to Shkodra. First a visit to “Rosafat” castle and accommodation. During dinner a concert with folk music in Shkodra restaurant. Durres – Shkodra 115 km). Overnight in Shkodra.

Day 7 Kruja – Tirana. Breakfast in Shkodra – After a sightseeing in the town around the lake of Shkodra the grup goes for excursion to Kruja and Tirana. In Kruja visit the street and Skanderbeg-museum in the castle with the same name. Lunch in the castle and back to Tirana. Accomodation in the hotel (dinner, overnight) (Shkodra – Kruja -Tirana 100 km). Overnight in Tirana.

Day 8 Airport. Breakfast in Tirana – transfer to Mother Theresa

Airport. Departure..

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 27 May 2018
 16 Sep 2018
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