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Sondor Travel has been offering walking tours to Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro since 1991. Our wide range of trips includes products such as: “Peaks of the Balkans” which is a cross regional walking route to Albania – Kosovo – Montenegro. The trails we use in areas such as: Valbona Valley, Theth Valley, Gashi River are tested and tried for years by our local guides. 

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What differentiates us from the rest is the fact that we are born and raised in the Albanian Alps.  This has helped us create a network of guides, assistant guides and walking routes who are the best you can find in the region. Our assistant guides are locals and previously shepherds who know their mountains by heart, competent to make your walking a unique and authentic experience. This is done to ensure a higher level of security, keeping things under control and handling any unexpected challenges.

In most our walking tours in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro we use local accommodation, alpine pasture huts, and family running guesthouses. We have seen in time that our clients have appreciated very much this as a great way of introduction into the local life. 

For us it is very important to give you a unique walking experience done in an authentic way. Sometimes it can be a great insight into the local nature, mountain geology, bird life; sometimes it can be an activity such as collecting blueberries, mountain tea, sheep herding and sometimes just being a guest into the local families, knowing their living, beliefs, stories, enjoying the traditional food prepared for us.   



Countries: Albania

Style: Active

Days: 6

This tour is a great introduction to the culinary traditions of Northern Albania and the amazing mountain landscape of the Albanian Alps. The tour offers great sceneries of high mountains, green valleys, canyons and fresh air. Experience the true Albanian hospitality of guesthouses and enjoy...

Countries: Albania, Kosovo

Style: Walking

Days: 9

This program is designed for tourists who would like to enjoy in a 9 day tour the National Park of Theth, National Park of Valbona, Gashi River Reserves, as well the historic areas of Prizren, Berat, Durrës, Kruja and Tirana....

Countries: Albania

Style: Active

Days: 8 Days

Experience the rustic life of North Albania as you trek with the local shepherds, sleep in the Alpine Huts and enjoy the pristine nature. ...

Countries: Albania, Kosovo

Style: Active

Days: 9 days

Walking in Northern Albania in 9 Days combines Walking with Cultural Discovery so you can experience the best of Albania's nature and culture. Discover hidden trails Valbona and Theth National Parks and enjoy the local folklore and music....

Countries: Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro

Style: Active

Days: 10 Days

This tour explores the beauties of the Albanian Alps, Belegu and Decani pastures in Kosovo and Bogicevica pastures in Montenegro. We will begin with a guided walk in Tirana, capital of Albania. Next, we will take a boat tour of Koman Lake considered by Bradt...

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