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Sondor “Private Departures” and “Tailor-made Holidays” are a team of travel experts who are dedicated to creating your unforgettable trip


Private departures

Private departures are great for those who want to have their own, exclusive group. Why not, you can choose from many of Sondor pre-designed tours, on your preferred date and travel with your family, friends, office colleagues, roommates or your locals, etc.

You’ll benefit from our on-the-field expertise, including one of our very own Sondor tour leaders in order to match your group’s interests with our best leader for the best performance.

Booking with us, you also will have a dedicated “private departures” expert, who turns to be your own private expert who will help you to plan your private group adventure and cover your whole trip, from the moment you contact us, to the moment your departure.

Private departures are available for groups of two or more. For groups of eight plus we can offer a 5% discount, or include a free-of-charge place if you’ve got more than 25 travelers.


Tailor-made holidays

Tailor-made is all about creating the unforgettable holiday for you. We will work together to design your tour from scratch, even if you want to explore the Albanian Riviera from top to bottom, or walk through the trail of Peaks of the Balkans, visit the UNECO heritage centers in Balkans and discover their germs, or enjoy the Balkans Cuisine.

A tailor-made holiday will offer a complete flexibility to your needs. You can choose the travel dates, accommodation, transport, activities, special interests and things you ever wanted to see and experience, no matter it will take to do so, we will work hard to deliver it to your budget.

We have a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and wishes, from alpine huts to homestays, from small guesthouses to splendid beach properties or big resorts. We will lead you to enjoy the best real-life experiences of locals – it could be a day with locals in a remote area in Alps, the artisan locals’ market unknown for travelers or an exquisite dinner with a family who live in the pastures of the Southern Albania or near by the Riviera coastal line.

We are able to fit our best tour details to your budget whatever it could be, to turn your desires into a beautiful reality, at the best price you could ever find.

So, even you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway, a family wanting to experience the world together, or a big group looking for an interest-specific tour (photography, cycling, food, etc., we turn your desires into a beautiful reality.


Sondor private groups – why we’re special

Sondor Travel proudly has a network of local suppliers, who will pull out every stop to make sure your trip runs smoothly. You are in best hands.

We’re especially proud of our leaders and guides – born and raised in-country, they know the destination, with close eyes, better than anyone else. So you’ll do more than just visiting a place, you will experience it as a local. We deliver lots of fantastic experiences while travelling on a responsible way. We love the world we live in and we try hard to travel sustainably.

We will make sure that one of our experts will design and deliver your ideal trip. This can take months from the first moment you call us until you board your flight and you can count on our expert who turns to be your expert every step of the way. We know how much time it can take to plan the perfect holiday, however we love to do it for you.

Call our team of tour experts; Dorien, Nardi and Taulant will be happy to guide you through the process of planning and booking the holiday tour you ever wished. Call us on +355 68 40 51766.

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Our Private Tours

Team Building Tours

Take some days away from the office and enjoy the outdoors with our unique activities such as conferences, motivational days, management escapes, leadership training and development all organized per demand, in Albanian Alps or any Balkan mountainous locations. We will happily take you to places to breathe the fresh air and take a genuine break from daily routines and restrictions. So why not leave the office behind and join us for an unforgettable Mountain Experience?

With our unique blend of personal experience within the corporate and the outdoors adventures, we will create and deliver an exciting and professional experience, tailored to the needs of your group.

Nature Yoga Tours

A very special tour to help you practice the yoga techniques to balance the body and mind. As part of our package for this tour, you will be served healthy nutritious meals, combined with a balanced activity and rest to make the most of your time spent on this retreat. With new insights into the wisdom of yoga, gain a deeper understanding of this ancient science.

We are aware that the yoga holidays have no rules or regulations. Thus we encourage you to take the time to enjoy your break, as well as practice yoga. Additional activities are also made available to guests, allowing you to shape your yoga retreat into the holiday of a lifetime. Start to relax by trusting your next yoga retreat to SONDOR and get in touch with your inner harmony.

Individual Assisted Tours

For travelers looking for a more independent vacation with time on their own or a quick getaway, our individual assisted tour is the right choice. SONDOR offers a choice of hotels, escorted transfers and sightseeing options in major cities, allowing you the flexibility to choose a program that suits your own individual pace and preferences. You’ll have the services of local guides in each city that you visit who are happy to give you advice and assistance. With these tours we provide you accommodation at selected hotels, transfers between cities/hotels/airport.

These programs are very suitable for clients who want to travel on their own but still want to have local support to help them familiarize with their holiday destination.

Special Interest Tours

The opportunities are endless. Fanatical about trying fresh bio fruits and vegetables? Love wine  or fishing? Looking for a chance to explore Albania and the Balkans with like-minded friends who share your passion on a special interest tour? The doors to all these are open here at SONDOR. We listen to your desires and then prepare custom tours for groups of travelers with a common interest.

We make our network and knowledge available to you so that we are able to assemble the best packages, high-quality service and a team of experts to accompany you, while you decide to taste the Mediterranean or authentic Illyrian cuisine.

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