Why choose Sondor

Why choose Sondor?

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Regional expertise

We spend a lot of time personally knowing in depth and continually upgrading our selection of accommodation facilities, restaurants, transportation and guides we work with. This has helped us know exactly what to offer to different requests we process every day. As an inbound tour operator we feel secure and appreciative on the network of partners knowing that we are providing the best solutions to the customers needs.

Albanian Lek Old

Better Value

We like to focus on the value of our products and services and we do our best to ensure top quality in everything we provide. This has helped us stay ahead of the other regional travel companies and built a relationship based on trust with our clients. We are constantly committed to find the best hotel, restaurant, transportation and tourguides within a certain price range so that our clients will always have the best possible solutions concerning their trips.

Tour briefing in Tropoje, Albania

Continual improvement of services

We like to have a lasting relationship with our new and old partners as well as with individual clients. This is why we continually improve the same product or service provided to a specific client in time. Be it a regional tour or a specific service provided, we will always think how to make it better.

Sylbicë Alpine Pastures, Northern Albania

Customer satisfaction

We want to achieve the maximum and satisfy every client who buys our services. We know that the experience they had will be a lasting one if it is positive. We know as well that by providing the best experience we can help our partner travel companies be more confident in our products in the future.

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