Sondor Travel, Ecotourism and Principles

We, at Sondor Travel, believe that our business must grow together with our local partners which could be the natives, their communities and the ecosystem they manage. Albania is well known for its gorgeous pristine nature and the increasing demand for adventure tours. There is no possibility to have happy clients without the right approach toward the nature, the local community awareness and education on preserving the nature, teaching them to administrate the sources on a sustainable way and helping them to have access in a fair trade profits.

We encourage both our local partners and our clients to adopt a certain approach which will lead to:

1. Conscientious, low-impact visitor behavior in the communities they travel.
2. Appreciation of local cultures and biodiversity and sensitivity towards them.
3. Support for local conservation efforts.
4. Sustainable benefits to local communities.
5. Educational elements for both the traveler and local communities on preserving the nature, the culture and their components.
6. Support those (hotels, airlines, resorts, cruise lines, tour operators and suppliers) who advance energy conservation, promote water and air quality, provide recycling,  manage waste and toxic materials safely for people and the environment, practice noise abatement, encourages community involvement and provides experienced, well-trained staff dedicated to strong principles of conservation.
7. Leave only footprints. Take only photographs. Leave no graffiti, no litter. Do not take away “souvenirs” from historical sites and natural areas.

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